What is Yoga and Should I do Yoga?

Why Yoga?

Is yoga for me? As a physiotherapist (based in Sligo) I often get asked should I do yoga. As a yoga teacher and a yoga enthusiast I think yoga is great for everybody and the growing scientific evidence is beginning to show this. It’s not just about stretching or fancy leggings, it is an ancient practice that is based on eastern philosophy and combines physical, mental and spiritual practice.

What will yoga at Sligo Physio Space involve?

Don’t worry I won’t be reading from the scriptures or getting you to chant. Yoga with Sligo Physio Space will focus on the physical practice of movement and breathing. The combination of both has however a transformative meditative effect which is the distinguishing factor from regular exercise and this is what the science says too. Most health benefits of yoga are further reaching than improved strength and flexibility, the benefits for your nervous system and immune system are far greater.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

I am currently doing my research for my sports physiotherapy masters on the benefits of yoga and having practiced for years and can tell you yes, I am stronger and more flexible but most importantly I am more relaxed, can concentrate better, sleep better and healthier overall, and this is why I think you should give it a go. And if that’s not reason enough just look at all the athletes that practice and preach about the benefits.

What are the different types of Yoga?

There are numerous different types of yoga practice, and it depends on what your needs are, what your exercise experience is, what your desires are, which type I would recommend for you. I think the most important thing is finding a teacher you like and a level that is suited to your needs.

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