Do I need Physio for an ankle sprain?

Mostly, I would say yes. Some minor ankle sprains can heal on their own. Unfortunately, more often than not if you don’t see a physiotherapist you can have bigger problems further down the line. There are different types of ankle sprains, different grades of sprains and occasionally can be disguised as ankle fractures.

What can Sligo Physio Space do for ankle sprains?

Here at Sligo Physio Space, the most important thing we need to do is assess your ankle and give you the best advice on how to manage it. It may be that you need lots of rest, even the use of a boot to rest your ankle. Or it might be that you need to get it moving and stronger, so it will vary depending on your type and grade of sprain.

Do I need an x-ray/scan for my ankle sprain?

Mostly no, but if you can’t walk and are especially sore then you may need an x-ray, or if we are concerned about other structures, then we will recommend a scan, but this is the smaller percentage of cases.

How long does it take to get better?

You guessed it, it varies. It depends on your age, the grade of injury, what your activity level is, what you want to get back to.

Best advice I can give you?

In the first 72hours Protect Rest Ice Compression Elevation and you are half way there!!!!

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