Returning to Sport following Covid

So, who out there is eager to get back to their training regime?

Back to the gym, sports, swimming, running etc.

A lot of us will have lost strength, condition, aerobic capacity, flexibility during the covid lockdown.

Although we may have been training at home by ourselves, we all know that when we are in a group environment we push ourselves harder. So returning to sport/gym, we need to ease back in, if we hit the same weights as we did when we were at our strongest, we will likely get injured!

So how to best manage return to gym/sport?

Firstly, focus on your technique, you may need to relearn old skills, get your technique checked if you can.

Slow down, take your time to go through your program.

Drop the weights initially, it pays to go slow at the start!

An idea for gym goers is to drop your weight by at least 30% for the first few sessions before adding 10% each week after that.

More reps, lower weights, with added stretching is a great way to start back.

For the runners and swimmers out there, increase your distance first, then focus on time/speed.

For footballers and team sports, think about doing shorter sessions initially, focus on slowly re-introducing agility and speed drills. Have a graded return to sport training plan in place and stick to it!

If anyone needs advice on how best to put together a graded return to sport/gym/training plan, Get in touch! As a qualified and experienced sports physio, I am extremely experienced in designing individual and specific return to play/gym/run/swim programs.

If you need further advice or help, make sure and book a physio appointment!

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