Headache and Migraine Treatment

Do you know that Physiotherapy can help you with your headache or migraine?

An extremely new technique has been developed in Australia.

The Watson technique, developed by Dr Dean Watson a specialist headache physiotherapist.

I am so excited to bring this life changing technique from Australia to Ireland

Not only was I lucky enough to receive mentorship from Dean himself.

But I also worked in one of the most specialist clinics in Australia.

Melbourne headache Centre only treated headaches and migraines.

I worked with the best headache/migraine physios in Australia

So that I could help bring this technique home.

I have seen it have life changing effects

And I am so excited to help all you sufferers at home.

So what is it?

It is a very specific technique to assess and treat the neck.

Using sustained pressure to specific parts of your neck

I can affect the input to the part of the nervous system

that causes your headache/migraine.

This means we are treating the cause, not just the symptoms

Then with education and exercise you can learn to manage/eliminate your headaches for good.

Treatment involves two sessions a week for two weeks, a flow up at a week and again at two weeks, at this stage we are aiming for discharge, although this varies.

If you are interested Make a booking or call now for more information.

Make a booking or call now for more information

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