Shoulder impingement


Doesn’t sound nice does it?

There is much debate around the use of this word, should we as physios/doctors etc. use this word? What does it mean anyway? Is it a structural thing? Sounds like it!

However!! Only occasionally is it structural, which is when the shape of a bone in your shoulder causes tissues to get caught when you lift your arm, but this is rare, if even ever the cause of your pain.

Impingement is really just a symptom like pain!

Simply put It is the result of your rotator cuff muscles and shoulder blade muscles not doing their job right! A combination of strength, control and timing is required to make sure when you lift your arm that nothing gets tight. Sometimes after injury, or if you do a repeated shoulder action, this mechanism can go wrong, leading to pain and weakness.

Following a thorough examination your Sligo Physio Space physiotherapist, can find the cause of yo