Post-Concussion Syndrome/Persistent Symptoms following Concussion

If your symptoms persist beyond expected timeframes following concussion you need further evaluation from a concussion healthcare practitioner.

Adults >10-14 days

Children  (5-12) & Adolescents (13-18) >4 weeks

Persistent Symptoms include:



Poor memory and attention


Sleep Disturbance

Light sensitivity


Neck pain


Headache is the most common and among the most prevalent persistent symptoms following a mild traumatic brain injury/concussion. Studies show 30-90% of individuals who sustain a concussion develop post traumatic headache. In one study 90% of people surveyed at one and five years following a concussion  reported a change to headache type and frequency following their concussion.


Imaging is only required in the presence of neurological signs, progressive worsening of symptoms without any other reason.


Your healthcare professional should perform a neurological and musculoskeletal exam including a cervical spine and vestibular examination.


  • Education
  • Non Pharmacologic interventions such as improving sleep hygiene, modifying diet, exercise, relaxation and modification of the environment.
  • Physiotherapy including manual therapy, vestibular rehabilitation and exercise prescription
  • Pharmacologic interventions for acute pain and prevention of headaches where appropriate.

For those who cannot tolerate exercise, you need to speak to your concussion trained healthcare provider about a graduated exercise program.

If you have persistent symptoms but can tolerate exercise you should benefit from a supervised and structured moderate exercise program but avoid the team environment and competitive symptoms until symptoms have resolved.

There is evidence to suggest that exercise can reduce the intensity and duration of migraine in sufferers. Exercise has also been found to reduce depressive symptoms and improve concentration in moderate to severe traumatic brain injury sufferers.

If you have any concerns about your symptoms following concussion get in touch for a detailed assessment at Sligo Physio Space and expert advice and tailored care.

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