Reformer Pilates at Sligo Physio Space!

What are reformers? 

Reformers are a relatively new form of exercise equipment for performing resistive exercise in a safe and controlled manner. While you can be forgiven for thinking they look like a piece of medieval torture equipment, they are in fact a fantastic piece of equipment.

Reformers use varying levels of spring resistance to either offer support or resistance to an exercise, making the reformer ideal for use in rehabilitation as it can help adapt exercises to suit any level/injury/age.

The reformer is made up of a large sturdy frame, a moving carriage, long straps, springs, and a footbar. The springs allow you to adjust resistance to the carriage, which will be pushed and pulled along the frame by your own body weight and strength.

There are also shoulder blocks and a head rest to allow you to achieve a comfortable position and good alignment on the reformer which is essential.Your feet and hands can be placed on the footbar depending on which exercise you are performing.

The reformer’s straps have handles on them that your feet or hands can be placed in to; these are at the top of the frame opposite of the footbar. The springs can be adjusted to affect both the footbar and the handles, to modify the workout for different skill levels and body types.

What are pilates reformers used for?

The use of the springs and pulley system in a reformer allows you to use your muscles in a specific targeted fashion allowing proper muscle length and strength in an organised way. Your physiotherapist will guide you through the exercise to ensure you maintain good posture and control so you are activating the correct muscles and using the appropriate joints. Both the equipment and the exercises will be modified and adjusted to your body and injury, which makes it perfect for those looking to tone up, rehabilitate from an injury, train for a particular hobby or sport, or for those just looking for a low impact and complete body workout.

Pilates reformer work focuses on core lumbopelvic strength and proper muscle recruitment which improves athletic performance,  back and neck pain,  injury recovery, balance, bone density and posture to name but a few.

It is an entire movement system designed to better our everyday life and well being and allows focus on breathing which is an essential component of exercise and rehabilitation

What results can you expect?

The reformer allows a full range of motion,  great for increasing flexibility while building strength through the full range. The pushing and pulling with the arms and legs against the resistance of the springs, carriage and body weight makes this a unique  full-body workout that is functional and specific.

Specifically, when you hold the cables in your hands or put your feet in the cables, you allow your muscles to extend to the fullest position. The reformer is able to target your arms and legs while still focusing on the core, providing a more comprehensive workout.

How will the Reformer Pilates classes work at Sligo Physio Space?

From June I am hoping to run rehabilitation classes for those recovering from injuries and hoping to return to pain-free function and sport. There will be 3 people in a class and they will run for 45 minutes.

The class will incorporate mat based pilates, reformer use, strength and conditioning with weights and bands. Each individual will have a specific program tailored to their unique injury history and needs and designed for your activity level or sport. Everyone will require a 1:1 assessment to have their needs assessed and a program designed. Classes will be booked in blocks of six and your need for ongoing rehab evaluated at this stage again.

I am also hoping to run fitness classes for individuals who just want to use the reformers for exercise and fitness, although keep an eye out on social media for when this service becomes available.

For any further information about our reformer pilates classes, please get in touch.

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