Sligo Physio Space and Returning to Sport following Covid

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Returning to Sport following Covid So, who out there is eager to get back to their training regime? Back to the gym, sports, swimming, running etc. A lot of us will have lost strength, condition, aerobic capacity, flexibility during the covid lockdown. Although we may have been training at home by ourselves, we all [...]

Sligo Physio Space and Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

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What is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Blood Flow restriction therapy is not new, it has been used in physiotherapy in Japan for years. It is also widely used in the world of strength training. Basically, it is restricting blood flow to a limb/group of muscles, while exercising to improve strength gains and performance ability. [...]

Do I need Physio for a sprained ankle?

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Do I need Physio for an ankle sprain? Mostly, I would say yes. Some minor ankle sprains can heal on their own. Unfortunately, more often than not if you don’t see a physiotherapist you can have bigger problems further down the line. There are different types of ankle sprains, different grades of sprains and [...]

Why choose Yoga and Pilates with Sligo Physio Space

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Why choose yoga and pilates with Sligo Physio Space With my background in physio, science and rehabilitation. I focus on teaching yoga and pilates  in a way that emphasises technique, and gives you an understanding of the benefits of the practice while learning about your body in a way that is safe, effective and [...]

What is Pilates

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Is Pilates good for me? Pilates is growing rapidly in popularity and Sligo Physio Space, is happy to bring you clinical pilates. Pilates is a safe form of exercise and is excellent for use alongside your physiotherapy. It is a great way to ensure you complete your rehabilitation completely, we all know how hard [...]

Welcome to Sligo Physio Space

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Sligo Physio Space Welcome Hello and welcome to Sligo Physio Space, this is the space for all your physio, yoga and pilates needs. Mostly I promise to bring you a fun, positive space where you can recover, grow and heal. Background With my background in physio, yoga and pilates I believe I can provide [...]

What is Yoga?

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What is Yoga and Should I do Yoga? Why Yoga? Is yoga for me? As a physiotherapist I often get asked should I do yoga. As a yoga teacher and a yoga enthusiast I think yoga is great for everybody and the growing scientific evidence is beginning to show this. It’s not just about [...]