Sports Massage and Physiotherapy

Do physiotherapists use Sports massages?

Yes as part of a comprehensive treatment program that includes exercise, advice and load management, your physiotherapist will also incorporate sports massage.

What is a Sports massage?

Sports massage incorporates specific massage techniques to effect muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia. It is generally applied to a focal point where the athlete is complaining of pain, dysfunction or reduced performance. The main aim is to reduce pain and swelling, release muscle tension, relax the nervous system and allow post activity recovery. Massage is a great way to release tension and pain in order to help you do specific exercises that will in turn have a longer-term effect than massage. Sports massage improves circulation and lymphatic drainage which facilitates removal of waste products such as lactate or lactic acid that can build up following strenuous activity. This can help reduce pain and aid recovery time.

During sport and daily activities tension can build up in the soft tissues that are being used. Especially in muscle that is weaker, or where stress and tension is stored and especially if you have a history of injury or pain in this area. This does not mean that you have an ongoing injury and unfortunately, massage will not cure the problem. The aim of sports massage is to give temporary relief and your physiotherapist will then assess why you are building up tension in this area and give you the correct advice and exercise to manage and prevent the ongoing build up of tension.