Personal & professional physiotherapy services in Sligo

Sligo Physio Space aims to provide you with a professional, compassionate service that aims to excel in diagnosis and management. The clinic’s aim is to provide a space that enables you to be yourself, a space that enables you to achieve your best, that allows people to come together, heal, laugh and grow.

So, whether your problem is new or ongoing, we will have had previous experience with it and will know the best treatment option for managing your condition. We believe strongly in a detailed assessment to find out the source of your problem, using various hands on techniques and evidenced based advice to give you the most up to date treatment to get you back on your feet as quick as possible. We believe in using task and sports specific outcome measures to ensure you are meeting your targets in rehab, and we will endevour to prescribe the most effective exercises to keep you fit and healthy so that your problem does not reoccur.

The clinic has strong values and believes everyone should be treated with compassion and respect. We aim to empower our clients and enable them to achieve their goals and are here to offer honest support through strong communication and a professional service. We hope to be a positive force in the Sligo community.