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Persistent Pain: what can you do about it?

Have you been dealing with persistent pain? Have you tried and failed lots of different therapies? Are you frustrated and beginning to believe your pain will never go? Fear not because you can 100% get better, and you, not your therapist will be the one to achieve this. If you search google, listen to [...]

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Meditation and Yoga for Athletes

Sligo Physio Space Physiotherapist Claire Mc Guinness recently completed her Sports Physiotherapy Masters. For this She was required to carry out research and write up a thesis. Below is a summary of the findings from her thesis. A comparison of yoga and meditation for improving mindfulness and well-being and reducing perceived stress, perceived stress [...]

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Reformer Pilates in Sligo

Reformer Pilates at Sligo Physio Space! What are reformers?  Reformers are a relatively new form of exercise equipment for performing resistive exercise in a safe and controlled manner. While you can be forgiven for thinking they look like a piece of medieval torture equipment, they are in fact a fantastic piece of equipment. Reformers [...]

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Patellar tendinopathy Jumpers Knee

Patellar tendinopathy/Jumpers’ knee What is the patella tendon? The patella tendon is formed by the quadriceps muscle of the thigh, it crosses the knee cap (the patella) and attaches to the shin bone (the tibia). The patellar tendon transmits load from the quadriceps to the knee. What is Patellar tendinopathy? Patellar tendinopathy is an [...]

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Sligo Physio Space lockdown running advice

Thinking of focusing on your running during lockdown? A few tips from your physiotherapist! Here we go again, another lockdown! With the gyms closed a lot of people will be turning to running to help shed the Xmas kilos and more importantly to help with mental health and wellbeing. Regardless of your fitness or [...]

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Stress fractures of the lower back- Spondylolysis

Spondylolysis - A stress Fracture of the lower back What are Stress Fractures? A  stress fracture is a crack that forms in the bone. They can range from inflammation of the bone right through to a complete stress fracture which is a cortical break. Stress fractures are the result of excessive, repetitive loads on [...]

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Achilles Tendon Pain-Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles Tendon Pain   Why do tendons cause pain? Tendons transfer load from our muscles to bone. If we put too much load through a tendon and do this frequently then the amount of tissue breakdown starts to surpass the tissue synthesis. The structure of the tendon then starts to change and it can [...]

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Common running injuries: Illiotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) A most common cause of lateral knee pain in runners A sharp pain, with an increasing tightness on running Noble et al 1980 found 84% of ITB was related to training error Athletes often complain of pain with Stairs, Squats and Running. Who gets ITBS? Predominantly runners who have changed [...]

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Post Concussion Syndrome-Persistent Symptoms following Concussion

Post-Concussion Syndrome/Persistent Symptoms following Concussion If your symptoms persist beyond expected timeframes following concussion you need further evaluation from a concussion healthcare practitioner. Adults >10-14 days Children  (5-12) & Adolescents (13-18) >4 weeks Persistent Symptoms include: Headache Dizziness Poor memory and attention Fatigue Sleep Disturbance Light sensitivity Irritability Neck pain Headache Headache is the [...]

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