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Physiotherapy for hip pain and Physiotherapy for groin pain

Hip and Groin Physiotherapy Evidence based Physiotherapy Diagnosis of Hip and Groin pain Classification: Adductor related- adductor tenderness & pain on resisted adductor testing Illiopsoas related – pain on resisted hip flexion &/0r pain on stretching the hip flexors Inguinal related – pain & tenderness inguinal canal region . no palpable hernia is present, [...]

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The Watson approach to headache and migraine

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new physiotherapeutic approach to headache management in Ireland. The Watson Headache ® Approach was established in South Australia by Dr Dean Watson, a physiotherapist who has specialised in treating headaches and migraines for over 30 years and completed his PHD in headache and migraine management. I [...]

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Do I need Physio for a hamstring strain/injury?

Hamstring Injuries   The high incidence of hamstring injuries in all the football domains is common knowledge. And there has been intense study and focus on reducing their numbers, however in Europe the numbers continue to increase, although in Australia the numbers are reducing. Anyone want to give a guess at the reason for [...]

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Essential Pilates

The key elements and Focus areas of Pilates    The key elements of Pilates Focus- Bringing awareness to your body, and the activity at hand so you can improve technique, alignment, posture and concentration. Breathing- Relaxed tummy breathing is essential, reducing the sympathetic nervous system overdrive, with a focus on exhalation during effort. Alignment [...]

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Can physio help with shoulder impingement?

Shoulder impingement   Doesn’t sound nice does it? There is much debate around the use of this word, should we as physios/doctors etc. use this word? What does it mean anyway? Is it a structural thing? Sounds like it! However!! Only occasionally is it structural, which is when the shape of a bone in [...]

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Watson technique for headache and migraine

Headache and Migraine Treatment Do you know that Physiotherapy can help you with your headache or migraine? An extremely new technique has been developed in Australia. The Watson technique, developed by Dr Dean Watson a specialist headache physiotherapist. I am so excited to bring this life changing technique from Australia to Ireland Not only [...]

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Sligo Physio Space and Returning to Sport following Covid

Returning to Sport following Covid So, who out there is eager to get back to their training regime? Back to the gym, sports, swimming, running etc. A lot of us will have lost strength, condition, aerobic capacity, flexibility during the covid lockdown. Although we may have been training at home by ourselves, we all [...]

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Sligo Physio Space and Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

What is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Blood Flow restriction therapy is not new, it has been used in physiotherapy in Japan for years. It is also widely used in the world of strength training. Basically, it is restricting blood flow to a limb/group of muscles, while exercising to improve strength gains and performance ability. [...]

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Do I need Physio for a sprained ankle?

Do I need Physio for an ankle sprain? Mostly, I would say yes. Some minor ankle sprains can heal on their own. Unfortunately, more often than not if you don’t see a physiotherapist you can have bigger problems further down the line. There are different types of ankle sprains, different grades of sprains and [...]

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Why choose Yoga and Pilates with Sligo Physio Space

Why choose yoga and pilates with Sligo Physio Space With my background in physio, science and rehabilitation. I focus on teaching yoga and pilates in a way that emphasises technique, and gives you an understanding of the benefits of the practice while learning about your body in a way that is safe, effective and [...]

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