Sports Physiotherapy

Expert Sports Physiotherapy in Sligo

Specialised Physiotherapy for all your sports injury needs. Choose the experts in diagnosing your injury and getting your problem fixed once and for all! Here at Sligo Physio Space our Sports Physiotherapists have extensive experience working with local sports people up to international athletes. We have detailed knowledge of the biomechanics, movement patterns and specific requirements of your individual sport and we use this knowledge to rehabilitate you to full sporting fitness and get you back to your sport as quick as is safely possible.

What is involved in Sports Physiotherapy?

A thorough assessment of your injury, getting an understanding of the cause of the pain or problem is essential in order to fix it! All potential causes of your injury will be examined and used to plan your rehabilitation ensuring a full and speedy recovery. Having worked with a variety of different sports in both Ireland and abroad we have extensive experience across many different sports and their specific injuries. 


Once a diagnosis is made, the rehabilitation process begins. This may involve hands on treatment including sports massage, dry needling to help ease the pain and stiffness. Then there will be a strong focus on exercise therapy, using knowledge of strength and conditioning, running prescription, load management, movement control, flexibility, performance enhancement and injury prevention.

What is considered when designing your rehabilitation plan?

  •     Injured tissue healing time
  •     Pain and swelling management
  •     Maintaining and improving strength
  •     Restoring and improving motor control
  •     Running development
  •     Skills development
  •     Speed/agility/acceleration and deceleration ability
  •     Plyometrics
  •     Balance training
  •     Effect on contributing joint