Neck pain and stiffness is a common complaint. It can come on suddenly or slowly tighten up. Tension builds in the muscles in the neck and shoulders and this contributes to tightness in the joints of the neck making turning your head or looking up and down painful.

Neck pain is very common in office workers. Sometimes the pain can spread down the arm when the tension puts pressure on your nerves. It can also cause headaches and migraines. The great thing about neck pain is that it is super easy to treat and responds really quick to physiotherapy.

How to treat neck pain?
Physiotherapy uses manual therapy and massage to release pain and tension. We will also prescribe specific exercises to relieve the tension and strengthen the muscles so they won’t tighten up so easily. Heat and stretches are great tools to relieve your pain.
Causes of neck pain!
Poor sleep
Depleted immune system
Lack of exercise and movement
Poor posture contrary to belief is not a cause of neck pain
Good sleep and stress management
General exercise
Strengthening exercises for the neck and shoulder
Desk breaks – frequent breaks from sitting at work have shown to reduce pain and discomfort in desk workers.
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