Thinking of focusing on your running during lockdown? A few tips from your physiotherapist!

Here we go again, another lockdown! With the gyms closed a lot of people will be turning to running to help shed the Xmas kilos and more importantly to help with mental health and wellbeing.

Regardless of your fitness or running ability, it is important to have a plan in place if you intend changing your fitness workouts. Here in the clinic, I have seen lots of running related injuries during the recent lockdowns. Most of these are related to simple mistakes that we all know about but need reminding.

Importantly remember we are living through a pandemic and that means a low level of anxiety for all of us so most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself, look after yourself and try and have some fun with your running, use it as your escape.

Rules to keep your running fun and safe!


  1. Load management – Slow increments – think distance-speed-terrain-
  • Increments of 10-20% are acceptable and don’t increase every run
  • Don’t increase more than one thing in one session – choose speed or distance or terrain- not all at once
  • If you are tired from lack of sleep, injury, sickness take this into account and don’t push yourself
  • Use a month period to manage your running load and consider an easy week to offload slightly
  1. Have different types of runs
  • A run for pace
  • A run for distance
  • A social run
  • A clear your head run
  • An easy run
  1. Cross Training– reduces your injury risk and helps with your runnin
  • Do something other than running
  • Strength training – even if its just a few squats and push-ups at home
  1. Have a rest day or two

So, get out have fun, stay safe and get fit. Remember in these conditions to wrap up and watch out for the ice!

If you are struggling with your running and need expert advice book in for a consultation, or try some pilates with your physiotherapist.

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