Patellar tendinopathy/Jumpers’ knee

What is the patella tendon?

The patella tendon is formed by the quadriceps muscle of the thigh, it crosses the knee cap (the patella) and attaches to the shin bone (the tibia). The patellar tendon transmits load from the quadriceps to the knee.

What is Patellar tendinopathy?

Patellar tendinopathy is an overuse injury characterized by localized tendon pain during loading activities, most common in athletes but also found in sedentary individuals. It is most common in sports involving, jumping, landing and change of direction.

What causes the pain?

Alterations in activity levels is one of the main causes of tendon issues, with excessive repetitive load beyond the ability of the tendon leading to cellular changes and resulting pain and dysfunction. However, often you can have these cellular changes in the tendon without pain. Altered landing mechanics have been associated with injury, however it is unknown if this is a cause, or a strategy employed to reduce pain.

What should I do about it?

First of all