Why choose yoga and pilates with Sligo Physio Space

With my background in physio, science and rehabilitation. I focus on teaching yoga and pilates in a way that emphasises technique, and gives you an understanding of the benefits of the practice while learning about your body in a way that is safe, effective and playful.

You will improve your strength and flexibility whilst reducing pain, soreness and risk of injury. We will incorporate breathing, and playful movements that promote relaxation helping to improve mindfulness, confidence and calm.

If you notice some of the best athletes, you will notice how they move with ease, in a state of flow, completely absorbed in the present. They make it look fun and easy, the aim of my yoga is to bring you into flow, to give you faith in your body and peace of mind, propelling you forward to perform your best.

The research I am carrying out for my masters focuses on this, and the scientific evidence really does show the benefits of mindful movement for health and wellbeing and performance.

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