Sligo Physio Space Physiotherapist Claire Mc Guinness recently completed her Sports Physiotherapy Masters. For this She was required to carry out research and write up a thesis. Below is a summary of the findings from her thesis.

A comparison of yoga and meditation for improving mindfulness and well-being and reducing perceived stress, perceived stress reactivity and COVID-19 related anxiety in athletes


  • Prolonged stress negatively impacts physiological homeostasis which adversely affects an individual’s well-being (Chrousos, 2009).
  • Athletes balancing work and study experience significant stress and this can impact their well-being, performance and injury risk (Kelly et al. 2018).
  • Mindfulness meditation has been proven to help athletes reduce stress and improve well-being (Petterson, 2017).
  • Yoga has been proven to increase mindfulness and reduce stress (Carmody and Baer, 2008), however, it has not been studied extensively in an athletic population.